Here are five simple things you can do to unlock the love of Christ into your home during June. June is a month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We are invited to honor His Most Sacred Heart and build an authentic relationship with Christ’s Heart by fueling our faith life with a deep and personal encounter with the Heart of Christ. 

1. Place an image of the sacred heart in a predominant place in your home. 

Have “holy reminders” later to remind us of the love of Jesus Christ and that he wants us to discover His rest! 

Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew 11:29

2. Enthronement the Sacred Heart in your home, workplace, the local parish, or Catholic school.

Enthronement is a new beginning for Catholics and brings Christ into the home.

This transformative spiritual practice is nestled in the heart of the Catholic Church. The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart was officially approved by the Catholic Church in 1907 as a powerful way to live out the devotion to the Sacred Heart and protect families against the wave of Secularism and Modernism.

Enthronement is a powerful way to live out the Ninth Promise of the Sacred Heart. ” Where my Heart is exposed and honored, you shall be blessed.” 

There are 12 Promises which serve as a strong summary Of the many Promises Jesus gave Saint Margaret Mary in the 1670s. In my book Secrets of the Sacred Heart, 12 ways to Claim Jesus His Promises in your Life, I reflect on each of these Promises and present them as a road map to better living out your Catholic faith. 

Visit to learn more about this powerful practice. 

3. Pray the Novena of the Sacred Heart. 

We will begin praying the novena at on June 15 to prepare for the great feast of the Sacred Heart.

4. Celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart

  If your church isn’t celebrating this beautiful feast, consider looking to other parishes as a way to attend a special gathering. 

Read More about the Feast Here. 

5. June is for Jesus! This is the month of the Sacred Heart and not a month rooted in Pride.

“Not only is the Sacred Heart the seat of all virtues, but is also the source of the grace by the aid of which we acquire and preserve these virtues. Have devotion to the Sacred Heart full of love and mercy; through It, demand all that you wish to be obtain by It, offer all your actions because the Sacred Heart is the treasury of all supernatural gifts.” -st. Margaret Mary 

As Catholics, we should share Jesus’s beautiful love with others. This devotion is an invitation to be restored, transformed, and renewed so we can better live a sacramental life. Jesus is inviting all of us to experience an actual heart transplant.

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