Heartfelt Perspective 

After leaving Palm Sunday Mass my younger children began to recall what was going to happen this week. “Mom, will we be at Church on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday?” I paused for a moment and responded, “No, we get to go to Church and attend Mass for the Triduum Liturgy on these days”! 

As Catholic parents, we have a full week ahead of us preparing our children for this very special week and preparing our own Domestic Church for Easter. We have an amazing opportunity to share the passion and love of Christ with our family. 

Open Wide Your Heart and let Jesus speak to us during this Holy Week, as Catholic parents we are provided a great opportunity to pass on the faith to our children. “You get to go to Mass.” Teaching our children to be grateful for the many opportunities we have been given. As we take time to read through the Passion Narrative we can point out how Jesus’ wounded Heart heals and helps us. Jesus went through many trials and yet, He was always thinking of us and our salvation. We are so blessed to be Catholic and be able to express our faith. 

Who can we invite to join us this week? Now is the time to set our Mass plans and consider “plus one, please.” This is a great time to figure out exactly which Mass you will attend and text, call or invite a friend or family member who has been away for a while – especially if COVID prevented them from going to Mass. This is an opportunity to ask them to “reconsider” their faith and even attend a local Confession service. 

For example, last year we were at the beach and we had an extra friend attending the trip with us. He wasn’t Catholic but joined us for our Easter Celebration. It is always important that we do not compromise who we are just because we have company. He thoroughly enjoyed traveling with our family and seeing our customs and traditions. 

Don’t forget that Your Own Domestic Church Matters – This week we can take the time to reflect on your faith in your own domestic church. I do simple things like light a candle, and make the time reflective. You might decide for no secular movies this week, or on Good Friday, or we will bring the family together for daily prayer. 

Holy Week is A Powerful Week to Connect with Our Lady– Building empathy and compassion for our Lady brings us closer to Jesus. Pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary and journey with Our Mother as she watched her son die. When we engage with the Passion story with our Hearts, we will allow Christ to impart to us new graces. 

Don’t Forget to get those Baskets, Bunnies, and Easter Fun- “There is a time and place for everything” and I would say, save them for when Jesus is in the tomb. Consider coloring eggs on Holy Saturday as a way to anticipate Jesus rising from the Dead. We also know that the “Easter Bunny” brings items that help them grow closer to Jesus such as a new journal, stickers, a rosary, and practical items like chalk, and bubbles. I heard he is even bringing big kids gas cards this year – and some extra sweets. The truth is, we as parents and grandparents provide an opportunity for faith and fun to collide. What matters most is that our Faith is always the center of our family memories. 

Finally, Create a Legacy of Christ’s Love in your Family-. This Easter may we keep focused on passing on the faith with Love – true virtuous Love that inspires us to get past our differences and never be ashamed of who we are. We can do simple things like host other people, welcome College kids that can’t go home for Easter, or create a meal plan that everyone can chip in and help. No matter what, do your best and allow God to do the rest.


Fr. James Wallace, “Characters” from the Stations of the Cross/Emily Jaminet, Holy Week: How to allow the Heart of Jesus to touch your heart?