Recently, I needed to drive a few friends to an event and I was able to gain a new perspective of the backseat of my car. I saw trash on the ground, toys tossed about and kids sporting gear still riding in my trunk from the weekend, not to mention the extra junk traveling around with us and the crumbs!!

As a mother, I am aware that keeping a car clean is a real challenge. So if the saying is true:  “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” we all might have a lot of work to do! I have found that instead of looking for large chunks of time to clean out the car, (did I mention I have 6 children?) try to keep focused on staying on top of it. Let’s be honest, for most of us this is our most expensive item we own besides our house,  so why in the world do we let it get trashed?

So here are some helpful tips!

1.Supplies: Keep extra cleaning supplies in your car for a quick “traffic light” clean out. Focus on always having a trash bag, to eliminate garbage right away.

2. Windows: For many of us we can barely look out our windows because they are covered by little hand prints or smudges. Keep windex and paper towels on hand to brighten your windows. You will notice a real difference.

3. Transportation Bag: I keep a large canvas bag on hand to transport unwanted items in my car, I also do my best to remind my “passengers” to remove all items when they leave. If they don’t I threaten to have a garage sale with just the items in my car!

4. Ask for Help:No one wants to clean? Use this as a punishment or chore for the children to do.

I hope that you are able to “reclaim your car” and enjoy your hours upon hours of driving time a week. Have you checked out the view from backseat lately?