It is easy to desire to make significant changes to improve your spiritual life, but doing something about it can be challenging. For many of us, goals related to our education, careers, fitness, and eating can take more precedence than growing closer to God. Why not take time out during this Advent to tune-up your faith life?

Consider starting a regular prayer life, or just re-establishing your faith as a priority in your own life, and that of your family can go a long way.  St. John Paul II stated,  “the future starts today”  this phrase gets to the core that we can start fresh each day and make significant changes in our life as Christians.

When we recognize that spiritual growth can only happen with God’s help, we can make more progress than all the self-help books combined. God’s graces are real and fantastic! He wants to help us grow in all areas of our lives, including developing and or deepening prayer life. Remember, change rarely happens tomorrow, but change can come about NOW, thanks to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit empowers us by providing the graces we need to get our lives back on track. Why not offer the Lord fertile soil in your heart by confession being willing to make significant changes in your spiritual life? We do not know our future and God’s plan for our life, so spiritual growth must happen today.  With that in mind, may we focus on our goal of heaven and be willing to get our ducks in a row for God today.

Let us pray:  Dear Jesus, please give us the graces we need now
to grow in holiness and goodness.  Amen.

May we be a witness to the world by believing that the future starts now!