Yes, it is true, I missed the memo, which helped warn me of what was coming. The Memo from God that shared his kind and compassionate words warning me of the sleepless nights and difficult days ahead of me.

I seem to be the type of person that jumps into life with two feet and spend little time looking back. I love to have a great time and never think about the long term work that comes from my choices. There are many of us that are overly cautiously , I am the opposite, I think after the event and reflect while I clean up but often times with a large smile on my face.

The Memos from God I am reflection on would read something like: Dear Emily, “A Big Family is a lot of work for You and your husband”. Love, God

Yep, that is it, it is a fact, when you raise a large family there is no way around it you will work day and night and still feel like you are dawning either in debt, diapers, lack of sleep, to many goods to choose from or just the overwhelming responsibility of being a parent to a number of children.

Don’t get me wrong, if I would have read the memo I don’t think I would have believed it or allowed it to change my course. I love my reality, even though my grocery bill is huge, there is never enough time in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done and it seems like I am constantly loading up in the car to get a child from a practice or to a practice!

How do we manage a large family in a small family work?  Pray for the graces you need to not sink, and choose the tasks that are required at hand. Realize that you are just one little mom who is not perfect and try to have fun with the choas you helped to “co-create”.