I would love to come to speak to your women’s group, conference, mom’s club, organization, or parish group! I enjoy leading retreats, presenting at conferences, giving talks, especially on practical spirituality for busy people.

Notable recent speaking engagements on my own or with Michele Feahenle, friend and co-founder of our ministry www.inspirethefaith.com, include: the 2020 Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference; keynote speaker at the 2018 & 2019 Sacred Heart Congresses; Legatus Columbus OH Chapter; Mom’s Groups; Advent by Candlelight at St. Joan of Arc, Powell, OH & St. Patrick Parish, Columbus, OH; and Day of Reflections for parishes in Cleveland and Wooster, OH.

What people are saying…

Above and Beyond

Your talks were absolutely beautiful, but your interaction with the women during the retreat is what stuck out to me as going above and beyond. It gives that personal touch that we as women love. Thank you so much!!

St. Matthew Women’s Retreat, 2022

“joie de vivre”

Emily was very engaging, relevant and personal as well as personable. She really connected with our group with a very inspiring message relatable to all. Emily brings a “joie de vivre” to her presentation that entices her audience to experience the love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus that she has. Her commitment to sharing this ministry is awe inspiring knowing that she is a busy mom of 8. Emily truly shows us how to “Let Go and Let God”.

Faith and Wine Event, FL, 2023

...it comes from her heart

Emily is well versed and her knowledge of enthronement of The Sacred Heart is good. What is special though is when she speaks, it comes from her heart and soul. This captivates her audience as she connects with them. She is a powerful speaker in a understated way which is great!

St Ignatius Women’s Retreat, 2023

Spiritually Moved

What a breath of fresh air to hear such moving testament of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I left the retreat feeling spiritually moved. Emily was an eloquent speaker and I’d recommend her to any group.

St. Timothy Womens Club Retreat, 2023

Emily did an amazing job...

 …speaking at our retreat. Not only did she deliver wonderful talks inspired by the Holy Spirit, but she also made an effort to talk to each attendee individually during breaks and meals. We received many comments from the attendees saying how much they enjoyed her talks and wish there could have been more!

St. Ignatius Women’s Retreat, 2023

Friendship and Faith

“You were so wonderful and it just filled my heart with so many great things. I had several woman comment after the meeting was over about how much they liked your talk and having you at our MOPs group!  Your talking point have also come up in conversation too over the past several weeks as we all gather together.  One of the moms decided to take your example of making time for people and has opened her house up for 2 different play dates just so moms can have some time together! ” What an impact you were able to make on our group and for that I really Thank You!  I’m sure we would love to have you back in the future if you are up for it!  I look forward to working with you again!”– Mary V

Women's Retreat

“Michele and Emily were the retreat masters at the 10th annual St. John Neumann Women’s Retreat.
We had over 200 women from all walks of life.  The message of Divine Mercy through the lens of Saint Faustina, Saint friendships, and the Spiritual and Corporal works of Mercy were very well received.  The women enjoyed Michele and Emily’s spiritual yet practical teachings on how to incorporate this message of Divine Mercy for mom’s into their personal and family life.  They offered a “Real” message!  A message that even busy women like themselves are still able to carve out time to help guide others closer to Christ!  They worked well together to deliver a message and teaching on how to Evangelize others in this message of Mercy!We highly recommend them for future opportunities and pray for their strength and continued “fiat” in Christs’ mission for their work in the New Evangelization”.  Gretchen Hofer, retreat coordinator, St. John Neumann, Sunbury, Ohio

Leadership Retreat

“I walked away from the Leadership retreat refreshed! Felt that I had been “running on fumes” or “surviving on peanut butter and jelly crumbs” as Emily so insightfully described the state of women “just getting by “. Emily’s tips on how to walk with the Lord daily, conquer the Heroic Moment and positively change our day with prayer sprinkled throughout – has already impacted my life! Would recommend every parish, women’s group consider a retreat with Emily as a launch for a deep renewal!”- Margie, Newark, OH (retreat coordinator for a Walking With Purpose One Day Retreat with my brother Fr. Jonathan Wilson)

Friendship by Candlelight

We booked Emily and Michele for our Advent by Candlelight events at Pinecrest. They gave the most inspiring and motivating talk about how our friendship should be leading us closer to Christ. The ladies cannot stop talking about it. –Stacey, Pinecrest, Atlanta, GA

Mom's Night Out

In the month of May, we hosted a ‘Mom’s Night Out’ to provide a night of nourishment —body and soul for moms in the local area. Michele and Emily gave an inspiring presentation by offering practical suggestions on how to live Jesus’ message of mercy. Moms can often be hard on themselves and the heart of their message was ‘first be merciful with yourself’. We are never too busy to hear a message that draws us closer to Our Lord and His mother. They have a gift for encouraging other moms to not be afraid and say ‘yes’. Sr. John Dominic, O.P., Principal, Spiritus Sanctus Academy, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Young Adults

You did a great job! We appreciated your talk and know it resonated well with our young adult audience! We appreciated the specific steps you gave us as something to take with us to help us live our faith and reset.

YCP Columbus Executive Speaker Series, 2022

Thank you again for speaking for our event!

Archdiocese of Dubuque Women’s Conference Beauty in Christ: Holy Women of the Visitation, 2022

References available upon request. 


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  • Living a 24/Hour A Day Spirituality, not on Spiritual Crumbs


Lent and Advent Missions, Retreats, and Talks are available. I am also happy to include Michele Faehnle the co-Author of Pray Fully, The Friendship Project and Divine Mercy for Moms for special events of schedules allow.


Short Bio

I am a Catholic leader, author, inspirational Catholic speaker, happily married wife and mother,  blogger, podcaster and radio personality, and podcaster. Each day I thank God for my husband of over twenty-one years and my seven children ranging from 21 to 5.

I have a B.S. from The Franciscan University, Steubenville, OH, Mental Health and Human Services, Minor Human Life Studies.

I am currently the director of the Sacred Heart Enthronement Network (WelcomeHisHeart.com), a CatholicMom.com contributor, co-founder of InspiretheFaith.com and co-host of St. Gabriel Radio’s Inspired By Faith podcast

The Jaminet Family

My family, my greatest blessing!

With Johnnette Williams while recording for Women of Grace.

Emily Jaminet speaking at the 2021 Sacred Heart Congress

Speaking at the 2021 Sacred Heart Congress


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