I am looking forward to being a guest on the Sacred Heart Hour monthly radio program with my parents, Chuck and JoAnn Wilson, to discuss the New year and the Heart of Christ! How we can better love others! My parents and Fr. Stash Dailey typically host this monthly radio program. It truly is a “treasure” as they make you think and laugh! 

My parents have not only introduced me to the Sacred Heart but inspired me to write and share this message with others! Here is a link to our archives full of spiritual insights and great wisdom. 


Here is a link to my previous recorded short spots, including reflections on Motherhood and our Catholic Faith. I am certain that the Lord desires us to live a well-integrated spiritual life! https://stgabrielradio.com/programs/audio-archive-2/a-mothers-moment/

Listen in: https://stgabrielradio.com