As we delve deeper into the Advent season, let’s redirect our focus to the essence of Christmas—the birth of Christ. Amidst the hustle and bustle, here are some meaningful ways to infuse the season with the true spirit of love and faith:

1. Align with the Church: Embrace the liturgical journey from Advent to Christmas. Following the Church’s guidance allows us to experience the beauty of penance, fasting, and prayer during Advent, drawing us closer to Christ. Prioritize attending Mass together as a family is a beautiful way to express your faith. For Christmas, focus on faith, fun, and feasting. 🙂 Make sure that your spirit lines up with the season- a time of joy and celebration. 

2. Pause and Reflect: Amidst preparations, take moments to gaze upon the manager, allowing love and adoration to fill our hearts. Reading the Bible near the glow of the Christmas tree can be a serene daily ritual.

3. Preserve the “Sacred” in Traditions: Amidst secular influences, consciously include Jesus in our customs, music, and traditions. Integrate the real meaning of Christmas into family rituals and decorations. 

4. Nurture Faith in Children: Utilize a children-friendly nativity scene and books that reinforce faith. Remember, it’s Christ’s love that flows through us to others. Get coloring books and faith items to help the children connect with Advent and Christmas. I started a children’s book collection every year that I pull out and share each Advent and Christmas.

5. Seek Christ Everywhere: By embracing Christ’s love and grace, it becomes easier to keep Him at the center of the season. Let’s be proactive in sharing this spirit with those around us.

6. Embrace Imperfection: Acknowledge that the perfect Christmas is a myth. What truly matters is not the material but the immaterial of the season! The decorations and traditions are meant to bring us joy and help us not lead us stressed and anxious.

7. Foster Family Togetherness: Prioritize a TV-free Christmas meal, cherishing moments of togetherness and connection. Cooking at home saves money and is a great way to create meaningful memories. 

8. Prioritize Prayer: Begin celebrations with prayers, dedicating the festivities to Christ. Renew family consecration to the Sacred Heart and express genuine love for Christ. Information can be found at .

9. Staying Grounded Amidst Materialism: Don’t get caught up in gift-giving if it causes financial difficulty; give from your heart and ask the Lord to help you provide the right gifts! I recommend “pause and pray” if this is the right gift. Also, consider repurposing decorations and plan purchases strategically throughout the year to avoid debt. Everyone loves homemade treats and gifts. At local Catholic bookstores, you can find meaningful and lovely gifts.

10. Encouraging Encounter with Christ: Invite others to experience Christ’s love through the Sacraments of Reconciliation and attend Mass together. 

Additionally, I’m currently running a daily campaign at, aimed at helping Catholics grow closer to the Sacred Heart this Advent and Christmas Season.