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The Rush To Get It All Done During Advent

Black Friday marks the beginning of the American rush to prepare and celebrate Christmas. From Black Friday to Christmas Eve,  Americans go shopping and exchanging gifts, cook, bake, decorate, celebrate, send out cards, have family gatherings, thank teachers, wish...

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Sacred Heart Enthronement Will Help Your Family

I am excited to share with you a local ministry that is changing lives and strengthening Catholic families throughout my own community and beyond. Just yesterday, my family attended my parents’ renewal of their Sacred Heart Enthronement in their new home with my...

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Christ Can Bring Good Out Of Difficult Times

Emily Jaminet discusses how National Disasters can bring us closer to Christ. Click on the segment below at 35 after the hour. Thank you Morning Air for having me on.…/MA20170911b.mp3

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Make It A Lunch Date- I Dare You!

FEED THE HUNGRY: Let's Do Lunch, the Gift of Hospitality The other day the words came flying out of my mouth, "I should have you over for lunch." How many times do we SAY things like that as women, but don't follow through! This post is all about pricking your...

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When Mama Can’t Sleep… Consider Doing This…

Do you ever lie awake at night thinking about your day and tossing and turning over the silly comments you made or the times you yelled at the kids in a harsh tone? Those final thoughts of the day can keep us up despite how tired we are. Next time that happens, try...

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24 Easy and Practical Ideas for Living Lent

Lent is a beautiful time to grow as a person.  It’s a time to reset your attitude and to grow in your love for God and others.  During Lent, we are advised to make a sacrifice, deepen our prayer life, and give alms to the poor and the church.  Here is a creative and...

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I’m Excited to Share!   I am excited to share that I will be working with and posting some of my reflections on this site. This wonderful site helps Catholic moms grow in their faith and experience...

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About Me

I'm Emily, a wife, a mom, a writer, a speaker…I'm also a Catholic woman who is looking to find meaning and purpose in my vocation as wife and mother with 7 children who take up a whole lot of time and energy. I seek out the face of Christ in my day- to-day life and call on his PERFECT mother for help. Welcome!

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A new book co-authored by Emily Jaminet and Michele Faehnle.
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Divine Mercy for Moms Book

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A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Lord, Calm my inner chaos, bring peace to my mind, and refresh my soul. Allow me to be a vessel of your living waters and share it with those who need strength. Help me to be merciful to my neighbor and to love You above all things. Amen

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