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I am so excited to share my most recent project:

⭐️ On the Way to Bethlehem, Advent Devotional published by Creative Communications.

It was so wonderful to begin a project over a year ago and see it come to light! This daily Advent Devotional is meant for all Christian families to help them slow down during the hustle and bustle of the Advent/ Christmas Season and discover the joy and wonder of this holy season.

My latest project, On The Way to Bethlehem, is the first family devotional I have helped to create.

My goal with this booklet was to offer a meaningful and prayerful experience each day during Advent.

I know how busy life can be, how difficult it is to keep focused on the real meaning of Christmas, and that we all need help to refocus! My goal is to help provide you with that opportunity no matter how old your children are or how full your family calendar might seem.

Thank you, Creative Communications, for designing such a beautiful devotional!


Advent Devotional 

A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Lord, Calm my inner chaos, bring peace to my mind, and refresh my soul. Allow me to be a vessel of your living waters and share it with those who need strength. Help me to be merciful to my neighbor and to love You above all things. Amen