I am so excited to announce that my newest book will hit bookstores nationwide next month, Holy Habits from the Sacred Heart; Ten Ways to Build Stronger, More Loving Relationships!

This book is for EVERYONE! I want to spread the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus wide and broad, and I believe this book answers the age-old question of why the Sacred Heart? Why now? And What is the Sacred Heart? After writing the Secrets of the Sacred Heart and co-authoring Pray Fully, I value sharing what this devotion offers!

This content shares habits and ways to allow the Sacred Heart to transform our hearts! You come to appreciate and love His Heart in a new way through personal stories, reflections, Saint Quotes, teachings, and prayers!

Here is a bit more about the book found on  The Ave Maria Press Site.

Having Jesus at the center of family life isn’t reserved for the pious; it’s a form of practical spirituality that is open to everyone. Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus has been a cornerstone of Jaminet’s life bolstering the faith of four generations of her family members. In this book she shares her own story as well as the real-life experiences of regular Catholics whose families have been changed for the better by the love and virtue that came from devotion to the Sacred Heart.

The habits and virtues include:

  • Encounter the King: welcome Jesus into your home with the virtue of docility;
  • Welcome the Light: have courage to rid your heart of shame;
  • Let Go of the Need to Control: rediscover the liberating virtue of humility;
  • Put Jesus at the Center of Relationships: experience the release of forgiveness; and
  • Live in the Kingdom of Peace: experience the transforming power of prudence.

Each chapter includes a prayer, reflection questions, and wisdom from St. Margaret Mary Alacoque—who began the Sacred Heart devotion—and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

To learn more about the Sacred Heart and the ministry I serve as the Executive Director, visit www.WelcomeHIsHeart.com.