Father loves me, so I also love you. Remain in my love. John 15:9 

February is a month dedicated to the Holy Family, and this week is National Marriage week; if you didn’t realize, TOMORROW is St. Valentine’s day, so guess what? It is a great time to refocus on the importance of Christian Marriage.

 After almost 25 years of marriage and seven children, I have learned through the good times and difficult times that my marriage is a blessing and a gift worth cherishing! 

Sadly, In a fast-paced culture where the divorce rate is estimated at 40 to 50 percent and is even higher for subsequent marriages, according to American Psychological Association

 it is an appropriate time to focus on the gift of Christian Marriage and the Love that flows from the very heart of our Lord. Let us take time to consider how to grow in our love for our family!

 No matter how long you have been married, there is always room for growth in your relationship. Maybe you could nag less or give each other more priority over your time. 

So, let’s look at five simple things you can do today in honor of National Marriage Week if you are married. 

1.Make your marriage a priority.

As Catholic couples, we must focus on our “couples” and spend time together. It is easy to “divide and conquer,” but “couple time” is just as valuable. Consider taking time out to go on dates (even weekly). It might seem like a lot of work to get away for a few hours if your children are still young, but investing in your “couple power” is essential and trains the children to appreciate that you need time together. Since you are a family, laying a solid foundation is very important.

2. Pray as a Couple

Consider a quick early morning goodbye and prayer or ending your day with prayer as well. When we pause and pray, we can experience true transformation and insert grace where it is needed, from sickness to financial stress to children’s needs.

3 Read and Pray with the Scripture, focusing on the Wedding Feast of Canna.

When my husband and I recited our wedding vows in Canna in the Holy Land, it brought to life the significance of the Lord’s First Miracle! Wow! To think that Jesus elevated this to a sacrament! 

4. Support Young Couples in their faith journey – Get involved in mentoring, assisting, and strengthening marriages by saying “yes” to helping. This can be through mentoring young married couples, offering to babysit so the couple could go out to dinner, or just praying for the couples in your parish! 

5. Spiritually reset your heart, marriage, and home! Learn to say, I am sorry, I love you, and how we can better express our love for each other. When we welcome the reign of God into our lives and allow our faith to touch our hearts, we encounter virtuous and holy love like what flows from the Heart of Jesus!