Do you ever struggle with the great game of setting your priorities and keeping them in the right order?  Often times they can get all jumbled up and we can lose our focus as moms.  Jesus said, “You should love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and all your mind.”  This commandment is essential for us to understand while setting our priorities during the day. 

We must remember that loving God comes first, even above our family, career, and everything else.  However, the gift of our faith is that by loving God, we will be better parents and wives, for our faith is a faith of service and love.  Christ desires to reveal to us His will, and by accepting it, we put ourselves in a position to better understand what is best for our families. 

Here are some practical tips to grow in this area:

  1. Start your day in prayer.
  2. You are what you read. Fill your mind with great and inspiring books.
  3. Your love of God should inspire you to be a better person and help others.
  4. Your love of God should motivate you to more like Jesus. Transformation of your personal life should be attractive to others.

Let us pray:  Jesus, please help us to love You with all our heart, mind, and soul. Keep us focused on what our priorities should be today and grant us the joy that Christ desires to bring us.  In His name, amen.