March 13, 2020

Today our library closes at 6:00 PM and will not open for at least three weeks. I was one of the last people to check out books before the doors closed. We were able to check out as many books as we wanted with no limits, no fines, all I had to was basically just grab and go. As I loaded up my arms with books and movies- I realized that this another ”last call”- this pandemic is one step closer to becoming a reality- here in Ohio.

  • Governor DeWine declared “State of Emergency” after three confirmed cases.
  • The Schools are now all closed.
  • The public buildings are closed.
  • Activities and sports canceled.
  • My speaking events for the next month- canceled.

Despite the weather being gorgeous outside and we are preparing to hunker down for a number of weeks…. it is so strange! I keep telling my kids- I have never lived through anything like this- ever!

In the past, it was an ice storm, ❄️ snowstorm or even a wind storm that closed schools and public buildings, not a virus.

And yet, since it is a virus we must be aware of the impact we can have on others. Simple acts like- handwashing, social isolation and good hygiene can greatly impact the lives of those around us. If we are willing to do this merciful deed and take these heavy measures we are giving the sick, vulnerable and immune-compromised a change to get the health-care they will need. With that in mind, I am all in, I “get it”. Now the reality is -how do we adjust our social behaviors overnight!

Here is my current list, and I will add to it as time goes on.

 I have a few tricks to keep the kids busy!

1. Library books and videos- I set up my own mini-library at home. I gathered great books from shelves around the house so reading material is easy to grab.
2. Puzzles 🧩 – have a puzzle going at all times. Every year my mom gives us puzzles and board games- now it is time to do them!
3. On- line learning – I like (Non-sponsored post) I like this site because it manages the kid’s progress for me!
4. Some craft stuff / such as paints/ markers…- I made a craft station right in my home office.
5. We need to do spring cleaning- outside. Get the racks, and yard bags ready to go!
6. I want to deep clean the bedrooms. This will be about them taking ownership of their “stuff”. Yes. our closets need to be cleaned out and as a result, they might rediscover many of the great treasures right in their own room.
7. Board games- scrabble/ cards/ backgammon- just to name a few!
8. Tech time – yep- they can do this! Thank God for devices that are fun and allow them to connect with their friends.
9. A huge mound of socks to match! Large families have lots and lots of socks and laundry.
10. Prayer! Did you know that Alexa can stream the Holy Rosary! Yep, she can. Just ask her to play it and you can join her!

Lastly, as my great aunt used to say- “life is an attitude so you better pick a good one.”