Chatting with Danielle Bean about my latest book, Holy Habits from the Sacred Heart, was terrific. I can still recall the first time we talked on the phone a few years back to discuss the Sacred Heart and the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart. I invited her to “Enthrone” the Sacred Heart in her home, and in this episode, she shares how that was a special moment for her and her family. The Enthronement is a beautiful ceremony that changes lives, impacts your heart and home, and also blesses your family; you can visit to learn more.

I desire this book to get people to see the strength, grace, comfort, blessings, and SPIRITUAL PROTECTION flowing from JESUS’s HOLY HEART! So don’t delay; cultivate a deep and personal relationship with Jesus’ heart- so that His perfect love transforms your heart. When we are impacted by His Heart, we are left transformed and ready to share that love with others.

Jesus requested to St. Margaret Mary that His image be “Exposed and Honored” so that he could pour forth blessings 350 years ago this December, so why not start deepening this devotion today?

I was excited to see that the book continues to trend high on Amazon, so if you like it, please leave a review so that others can benefit. Your endorsement means so very much!

Thank you, and God Bless!

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