I am so excited to extend an invitation for you to join me on my latest adventure, a pilgrimage to beautiful Ireland, Sept 20-29, 2020!  I will be assisting Fr. Jonathan Wilson, Pastor of St. Paul Parish in Westerville, OH ( my brother), with the help of 206 Tours for this journey of conversion, enrichment, and fellowship: https://www.pilgrimages.com/frjonathanwilson/

Why Ireland?
Some might wonder, why Ireland? Besides the famous natural beauty of the lush green landscape and charm of the historic castles, Ireland is known for its people who have held onto faith when many have not and have been the backbone of faith not only in Ireland but in America and Canada as well.  For more than a thousand years, Ireland has been one of the most Catholic countries in the world. This emerald beauty shares a story of faith and simplicity that is well worth experiencing and provides an opportunity to take a step back and discover the places and cultures that have significantly helped influence America. The Irish Catholics that came to North America brought not only faith but a strong work ethic and determination.  Today, almost one-quarter of the population of the US and Canada can claim some Irish heritage.

The Catholic Travel Guide writes: “Ireland has since been known for its steadfast faith and troubled history.  Although many left Ireland due to political oppression and lack of opportunity before the Irish Potato Famine,  the famine triggered an even greater loss of population: many millions more immigrated to the U.S., Canada, and other countries, so that the country lost about half of its population. ”

Ireland offers several pilgrimage sites such as Knock, where the Blessed Mother appeared, beautiful churches found in the breathtaking and awe-inspiring countryside, small cities that are rooted in Christian hospitality that can renew your soul.  Much of our Catholic identity was preserved in the monasteries of Ireland during the Middle Ages, and we will visit these very sites.  This pilgrimage is an opportunity to grow spiritually, experience beauty, create memories, develop friendships, and discover the country and culture that has dramatically influenced America and laid the groundwork for generations of Catholics.  Come and join us on this majestic pilgrimage to experience that faith firsthand!

Come and join us on this majestic pilgrimage of faith! email me directly any question columbuscatholictravel@gmail.com or call 614-425-6714. We have limited seating so sign up today! This price includes airfare out of Columbus, OH!