IMG_20150406_190306048 copyOne of the greatest attributes of a good mother is to be tender. Before Pope John Paul II became pope, he wrote that tenderness was the “ability to feel with and for the whole person” (Love and Responsibility, Karol Wojtyla). This type of embrace is one which can only come with the help of the Holy Spirit. For us to be tender moms, we must be willing to use our hearts to embrace our children. The Blessed Mother can serve as our heavenly example and aid for she knows nothing else but to be tenderhearted. If we are willing to love others and serve others, it must be in a sincere way. To regard our family members as whole persons is a parenting trait that will benefit us greatly, for we are like a facet of God’s love. We are the vessel that carries that love to our children and if we are willing to do this, our husband and children can be transformed with the mere contact of authentic love. So the next time you embrace your family members, may it be tender.