Do you thrive during these long, hot days, or are you longing for cold weather and thick, snuggly socks? Either way, summer is a perfect time to hit the spiritual reset button, allowing yourself to rest, relax, and savor the ordinary moments of life.

Pope Benedict XVI once said:

“During these quiet days of summer, let us thank the Lord for the many blessings we have received and draw ever closer to Him in prayer, in fidelity to His commandment of love, and in communion with His Body, the Church.”

Here are some ways you can renew your relationships with God, family, and friends this summer:

1. Renew Relationships with God

Spiritual Renewal: This past weekend, I attended the Eucharistic Revival Mass and Procession in Columbus, OH, with my family and 1,200 other Catholics. It was a grace-filled morning, especially meaningful for my 8-year-old who recently received her First Communion. My husband and I also returned from a 9-day pilgrimage in France, focusing on the Sacred Heart of Jesus, marking the 350th anniversary of Jesus appearing to St. Margaret Mary.

Tips for Staying Spiritually Connected:

  • Traveling: When you’re on vacation or traveling, bring the Bible, prayer books, holy cards, or an inspirational book to grow closer to Jesus.
  • Holy Hour: Set a regular “date with Jesus” through a weekly Holy Hour. My personal morning routine includes coffee and prayer.
  • Holy Spirit Potluck: Host a potluck where everyone brings a dish and prays the Rosary together.

2. Strengthening Friendships

In my book, The Friendship Project: A Catholic Women’s Guide to Making and Keeping Fabulous Faith-filled Friendships, I highlight the importance of Christ-centered friendships. These friendships are anchors that help us when we’re struggling or need encouragement.

Ways to Cultivate Faith-Filled Friendships:

  • Friendship Friday: Pray, text, call, or meet up with friends.
  • Faith Sharing Groups: Join or start a faith-sharing group.

Inspirational Saint Quotes:

  • St. Padre Pio: “Let us become saints so that after having been together on earth, we may be together in Heaven.”
  • St. Francis De Sales: “Those who walk on level ground do not need to hold hands, but those who climb steep and slippery roads need to hold on to each other in order to progress more securely.”

Example of Faith-Filled Friendship: Recently, I enjoyed a week with friends and family focused on faith. We prayed the Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet, attended Mass, and shared meals and fun activities. With over 30 people in one house, ranging from mid-twenties to a 6-month-old, it was a week of faith and fellowship.

3. Connecting with Family

Unplug and Connect: Plan spontaneous trips to the ice cream shop or pool. Create family memories through activities like a sunset Rosary or attending Mass together.

Recommit to Family Prayer: Daily family prayer, even if it’s just a prayer of thanksgiving for the day’s blessings, can be powerful. Let’s commit to the Daily Rosary.

Marriage Date Night: Schedule a weekly date night with your spouse.

Meaningful Projects: Engage in meaningful projects, whether acts of mercy or home improvement tasks. Some of my best childhood memories involve family games and sports. I’m working hard to recreate and pass down these traditions with my children.

4. Embracing Nature

Enjoy nature from sunrise to sunset. I currently love listening to the In Conversation with God podcast on the Relevant Radio App, which helps me reflect on growing closer to Christ during early morning routines.

5. Planning Ahead

Set goals for your family, children, and upcoming events. Discuss expectations for travel and family gatherings, especially around the holidays.

Summer is a beautiful time to reconnect with God, strengthen friendships, and create lasting family memories. Embrace the season and let it be a time of spiritual renewal and growth.

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