Hello, Ordinary TIme! 

The Truth is as much as I love the Christmas tree and all the excitement of the Christmas Season,  it is TIME to put it away and start to move along to ordinary times! 

The “green season,” as my children refer to it, is a great opportunity to focus on our commitment to “new life habits” such as eating healthy, and taking care of our temple of the Holy Spirit.

While these are good resolutions, there is a more foundational resolution we can make. What if we allowed the warmth of the Heart of Jesus to warm up our hearts and homes? What if we strived to love others with the same love that Jesus loves us?

This is the central focus of Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is a personal invitation from Jesus to experience a spiritual heart transplant, to be impacted by the love of Christ!

As the director of www.WelcomeHisHeart.com, and the author of Secrets of the Sacred Heart, I have seen firsthand how Jesus wants to offer us His Heart. He wants to love us and heal us through His wounded, Sacred Heart. I first witnessed this continual renewal in my extended family. My parents, my great aunts, and uncles, and my grandparents have shown me this type of love and speak of it often.  

Here are some simple strategies to help you better receive His Love and Love others.


  1. You can’t give what you don’t have.

Jesus is offering us His Perfect love and we are invited to receive it and share it with others. It is easy to feel burned out but Jesus tells us that “He is the Way, Truth and Life … come follow Me”. Jesus initiates the relationship with us and our part is to accept this personal invitation to be loved and share that love.

Devotion to the Sacred Heart burns off our selfishness and resets our heart on exactly what love is. Jesus invites us to experience His Love. In the image of the Sacred Heart, He holds His Heart out to us to invite us to experience His love, mercy, and healing. 

  1. Have a Holy Reminders!

One of my favorite expressions to better explain why you should have Catholic images in your home is that they are like “ holy stop signs.”. The perfect Holy Stop Sign in an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Jesus revealed to St. Margaret Mary that those who “expose and honor His Most Sacred Heart, shall be blessed.” When we pass by these holy images we can allow it to be an opportunity to refocus our heart and mind on what matters most. 

We can also offer little prayers such as, “Jesus meek and humble of Heart make my heart like unto thine.”  Or just invoke the Holy Name of Jesus to help you. 

I am very passionate about the transformation that the enthronement of the Sacred Heart can have on someone’s heart and home. When we welcome the reign of Christ in a home, Jesus will show up! This can be done through a self-lead ceremony which can be found at WelcomeHisHeart.com. This is a powerful devotion that leads you closer to Christ. Consider enthroning the Sacred Heart Jesus in your home. It is a concrete fulfillment of  Psalm 102: “But you, Lord, are enthroned forever, your renown is for all generations.”

When we turn to the Heart of Jesus as our source of love and place Him on a throne in our home, we will quickly see how wonderful it is to entrust your family to the Lord. 

  1. Prayer Is a Necessity.

Don’t be too busy to pray, by yourself and with your family. Family prayer is when we gather to gain new graces! Jesus reminds us, “For where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there I am in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

Focusing on the  Heart of Jesus also brings us closer to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. I recommend gathering as a family for a few minutes before bed or even offering a prayer before you head out the door for school, work, or even in the car on the way to school! Jesus is there to help you!

  1. Ask Jesus to Heal Your Heart and Home!

One of my favorite things about welcoming the love of Christ into your heart and home through the enthronement is that it is an invitation for the family to seek forgiveness from each other. When we forgive others for their past faults and hurts we can make progress in healing.

Jesus forgave during His crucifixion and we too need to forgive so that we can move forward. Family life is very challenging and hurts happen, but how we respond to those hurts or past hurts can set the tone for the house.

  1. Grow in Gratitude!

What a miracle if we can be filled with love, peace, joy, and forgiveness, despite our trials. Inviting the love of Christ into our hearts and home transforms how we see our life. Gratitude is the fruit of this powerful gift.  But we must ask for Jesus to give us a new perspective on our life. 

Allowing Jesus to reign in our hearts helps us to see the wisdom of St. Paul, who said, 

“We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28. So no matter what, all things can work for the good as Jesus uses all things. There is even immense value in our suffering if we offer it to Jesus as He offers His to ours.

I am so excited about what I am seeing through the work I do at www.WelcomeHisHeart.com. Lives are being impacted through living out this beautiful devotion. To learn more about the enthronement of the Sacred Heart or my work, visit our website or feel free to message me at www.EmilyJaminet.com.