I am excited to release this episode of my personal podcast, about the significance of each and every morning. I walk you. through ten suggestions to having a fantastic morning. The good news is even if you hit three of these each day- you will experience real transformation.

The truth is for many years I struggled with my morning routine, I allowed my desire for more sleep- trick me into having a lazy morning that would ultimately make my day harder. I have discovered a fundamental trick- go to bed early so you can begin your day early!

When I get up, I like to do the following:

1. I write out my personal goals and at least ten statements of gratitude a day.
2. Say my prayers and read and reflect on Holy Scripture.
3. Share my petitions with the Lord.
4. Review the family calendar for the week and my enormous to-do list.
5. Schedule my workouts!
6. Prep for the day: plan what is for dinner, review the needs of the children, and what I need to do for my family.
7. Trust in the Lord! No matter how much or how little is accomplished- give it all to God!
8. Drink lots of black coffee 😉
9. Enjoy the peace and quiet before the hustle and bustle before the kids get up!
10. I also try to make the bed and clean up the room before I head downstairs!

For more resources on the importance of a faith-filled morning check out Pray Fully- by Ave Maria Press. In this book, Michele Faehnle and I cover the importance of setting up routines of prayer to help ground you in your spiritual life.