image of a trash bag

Yesterday was about limiting technology; especially so the family can focus on family time and enter into the hear and now!

I am sure we all need to clean out before Easter. Take some time today to see what kind of “material offering” you can find for the poor and needy. We might even already know a person who would appreciate your gift! Many times “items” show up on my doorstep, which reduces my need to go shopping; a real plus for a busy mom of 6!

A friend of mine started a tradition called “Pass The Bag”. She goes through her house, fills a bag of items, and puts it in the trunk of her car. She then has other moms go through the bag and choose what they need. Eventually, she drops off the bag at a friend’s house. If you get the bag, you can add to it and continue the process. The last person donates whatever is left to a local Christian clothing bank that helps mothers and children in need. The key to “Pass the Bag” is to not to judge what is inside the bag. Some items might be well past the point of wearing while others are true gifts from the Lord!

Consider starting a charity bag today!