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Let Us Pray this Mother’s Prayer! 

Help me Lord, I need to get out of bed in the morning!

Help me Lord, the house is dirty and I am tired.

Help me Lord, so much to do in a little time.

Help me Lord, I need to be 100 places at once and no one is even grateful for the ride.

Help me Lord, how do I see you in my day-to-day life?

Help me Lord, I need to laugh, but instead I feel like crying!

Help me Lord, no one is listening to me.

Help me Lord, if I don’t make spiritual growth soon, I will have to commit myself to the looney house (or do I already live in it?)

Help me Lord, so much to do, but so little time!

Help me Lord, my heart aches and I need to know you!

Help me Lord, I need inspiration!

Help Me Lord, no one is listening!

Help me Lord, where are You today?

Help me Lord, to trust in You!

Help me Lord, to count my blessings!

So many days, but so little time,

Where has the time gone?

Lord, thank you for blessing me to be a mother!



A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Lord, Calm my inner chaos, bring peace to my mind, and refresh my soul. Allow me to be a vessel of your living waters and share it with those who need strength. Help me to be merciful to my neighbor and to love You above all things. Amen