A Mother’s Moment

Does anyone else feel like we need more than 24 hours in a day to get it all done? The days are so busy and the nights seem so short. My hope is that this Mother’s Moment is a chance for you to be inspired and awakened to the things that matter most in your life through the gift and guidance of the Catholic faith. I will try to find topics and themes that interest you and give you a nugget to reflect on throughout the rest of the day.family

As a mom, I know that it is hard to break away from the business of life, so instead I am going to “break” into your world through the gift of Catholic media. We will look to scripture, the saints and the beautiful writings from the Popes to inspire us and lead us in a journey of parenting towards heaven in modern times. The times that we live in are great because we can rise up and share with others the gift of our Catholic faith and provide the hope and encouragement that so many need, especially our children. So let us be inspired for greatness.

My Catholic reflections are heard daily (M – F) at 2:56pm on St Gabriel Catholic Radio AM820, State Wide streaming live on www.stgabrielradio.com or can be downloaded off the site. These short, minute and a half reflections, A Mother’s Moment, are written for all Catholic moms who need a bit of formation and encouragement as they strive to live out “the joys and challenges of Catholic motherhood” each day. Motherhood is all about finding God in the moments.

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