A Practical Guide to the Year of Mercy Part II

Last month I shared with you seven practical ways you can live out the Year of Mercy.  Today I am sharing 10 more family friendly year of mercy activities for moms. As a busy Catholic Mom, it is important to set realistic goals for what we are attempting to do,...

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Become a Mom of Prayer Overnight

The Best Gift We Can Give Our Family One of our most crucial responsibilities as mothers is to pray for our families. Not only does this help us personally but it also serves as a source of strength for our children, spouses and other family members. It’s easy to...

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It’s here!

We are SO grateful for everyone's support of our work over the past year and we are so excited to have our new book in hand! It won't be long (the end of February) that we will be able to share Divine Mercy for Moms, Sharing the Lessons of St. Faustina with all of...

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A Practical Guide to Living Out The Year of Mercy

“Merciful like the Father”- The Papal motto for this extraordinary year of mercy! As mothers, we can be a bit overwhelmed on how to live out an extraordinary jubilee year such as the one right around the corner!  We can start to think on such a large scale that...

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Sleep Deprived Prayer

With the birth of my sweet baby number seven, I have been reminded that nothing is worse then being sleep deprived and overwhelmed by young children, especially in the middle of the night! This is the time when I struggle most. For some of us (like me), lack of sleep...

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Be A Joyful Mom

We all have days where our daily duties seem to hold us down.  We wish we were at the pool on a summer, sunny afternoon or meeting up with friends for coffee instead of doing the work that is involved in family life. Consequently, running a family in this moment in...

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Pregnant in My 20’s, 30’s and now 40’s!

It seems like it was just the other day that my journey of motherhood began. It is difficult to believe that my oldest child just turned 16! As a mother who is pregnant with her seventh child, the years have gone by quickly and yet many moments have dragged on. As a...

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Building Memories The Old Fashion Way…

Blasting away form your busy life is not only a good idea, but a necessity! If you haven't gotten away in a while consider stepping away from our media centered world and get in touch with good old fashion fun this Autumn! When families take time out to create new...

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The Chaos I helped to Create

Yes, it is true, I missed the memo, which helped warn me of what was coming. The Memo from God that shared his kind and compassionate words warning me of the sleepless nights and difficult days ahead of me. I seem to be the type of person that jumps into life with two...

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About Me

I'm Emily, a wife, a mom, a writer, a speaker…I'm also a Catholic woman who is looking to find meaning and purpose in my vocation as wife and mother with 7 children who take up a whole lot of time and energy. I seek out the face of Christ in my day- to-day life and call on his PERFECT mother for help. Welcome!

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A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Lord, Calm my inner chaos, bring peace to my mind, and refresh my soul. Allow me to be a vessel of your living waters and share it with those who need strength. Help me to be merciful to my neighbor and to love You above all things. Amen

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